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My New Developer Blog - An Exciting Journey Awaits!

Happy new year 2024 everyone! I hope this year brings health and prosperity as we pursue new coding adventures together.

Today, February 2nd, marks a special milestone - the launch of my reimagined blog at! I previously used Statiq and Razor to generate static pages, but have now migrated to Astro for improved SEO and performance. It just feels smoother to manage overall.

More than a new website, this also signifies an evolution in my focus. As a lifelong coding enthusiast exploring various technologies, I’ve now specialized in backend and fullstack development.

You can expect comprehensive deep dives into:

Java Frameworks

I’ll be covering popular Java frameworks like Quarkus and Spring Boot in depth:

  • Architecting scalable, enterprise-grade systems and APIs
  • Advanced performance optimization techniques
  • Securing applications end-to-end and implementing OAuth securely
  • Deploying Java applications to Kubernetes and cloud platforms
  • Building real-world examples and sample projects to demonstrate concepts

.NET and Cloud Native Development

For .NET developers, I’ll explore topics like:

  • Applying clean architecture principles in .NET apps
  • Building robust distributed systems and microservices with .NET Core
  • Designing scalable service-oriented architectures
  • Deploying high-traffic .NET backends on Azure at scale
  • Following containerization best practices for .NET apps

ORM Frameworks

When it comes to integrating with databases, I’ll dive into:

  • Performance optimization and fetching strategies with JPA, Hibernate and Entity Framework
  • Advanced mappings for complex domain models and schemas
  • Building high-performance ORM code for data-intensive apps
  • Securing JPA integrations and writing safe queries
  • Troubleshooting common ORM pain points

Architecture Patterns

On the architecture side, expect articles on:

  • Leveraging tactical DDD patterns for complex domains
  • Maintaining consistency in large distributed systems
  • Implementing CQRS and event sourcing patterns properly
  • Tradeoffs to consider with reactive architecture


For building APIs, I’ll explore:

  • REST API design best practices
  • Advanced techniques for resource modeling
  • Implementing custom middleware and request processing
  • Securing APIs with OAuth and token authentication
  • Documentation and versioning strategies

And more! I’ll provide actionable insights on dependency injection, logging, testing, and other key topics through concrete code examples in Java, .NET and other popular languages.

The goal is to empower developers at all levels through practical, in-depth articles and tutorials. Please share your feedback on the topics that would help you most!

Expect big things in 2024! I have an exciting announcement brewing…(teaser about upcoming YouTube channel)

Let’s connect on social:

I aim to provide valuable insights for developers of all levels. Please reach out with feedback and article ideas!

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